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October Theme of the Month – 2019

10/15/2019 (Permalink)

A bunch of pink SERVPRO pens jumbled up in a box together If you see one of our representatives this month, ask for a pink pen!

October Theme of the Month – 2019

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and we are working on spreading awareness throughout the month. Especially if you have a family history with cancer, it is important to constantly do screenings to find any issues.

This also applies to any items you have insured; you need to regularly review your insurance policies to ensure you have proper coverage in case the worst happens.

SERVPRO of Butler, Hopkins, Ohio, Muhlenberg and Edmonson Counties also has a program to help property owners ensure they are protected in case of any disasters: our Emergency Ready Profiles. SERVPRO sends one of their trained professionals in, for FREE, to help you come up with all the most important information for when an emergency happens. This quick profile is then put together, and delivered to you.

Feel free to reach out to our Marketing Representative, Van Robarts, at 270-670-5118 with any questions!

How To Prepare for a Storm Event

9/13/2019 (Permalink)

Being September, we are right in the middle of Hurricane Season (June 1st-November 30th). Because of this, utilize technology.

Mark Yourself Safe

Through Facebook, The Red Cross has a “Make Yourself Safe” program during major disasters. This is a quick way to let your family and friends know that you are okay during disasters.

Get in Touch

Update your emergency contacts in your phone and have a paper copy somewhere in the home.

Charge Up

Even when it isn’t Storm Season, always keep a phone charger with you. This can really help you out in a pinch!

Store Important Documents Online

Ready.Gov suggested to upload insurance policies, identification for each family member, important medical records, important information about your pets, and any other documents you may need. Even if you never need these documents during a massive storm, they still may come in handy in day-to-day life. A couple of these services are Google Drive and Drop Box.

Follow News Outlets

Go onto your social media and search for accounts that send out weather alerts. Many of these can be set up as a notification on your phone or as a text message coming to you.

For more information, visit!  

Now Doing Mold Testing

9/10/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Butler, Hopkins, Ohio, Muhlenberg, and Edmonson Counties is now doing mold testing on both homes and businesses! 

Have you ever noticed any discoloration anywhere in your home or business that you could not explain? Have you suspected it being mold, but did not know for sure? 

We can now confirm what type of mold you have, within a few days of sending the tests off. One of our managers will come out, take the necessary tests (air and/or swab), and mail them off to be analyzed. Once the report is back (typically within a week), it will explain exactly what the discoloration is. Knowing this information can help you be informed on what your next steps will be. 

If you have anymore questions, feel free to reach out!

September Theme of the Month – 2019

9/6/2019 (Permalink)

A horizon with lightening striking and lighting up the sky in orange and green colors, along with a SERVPRO house logo #PreparedNotScared #BeReady

September Theme of the Month – 2019

Plan ahead, it is #NationalPreparednessMonth over the entire country! Take time out of the month to not only prepare your home, but also your business or where you work. Below are several important, but easy tasks to do. To find out even more, visit for more information!

  • Plan an escape route with your entire family, including pets.
  • Invest in an Emergency Kit for each family member.
  • Have all important documents in a safe, easy to access place. Also have a list of emergency contacts.
  • Follow local weather channels to have real time updates
  • If you own a business, participate in our Emergency Ready Profiles, you can contact Van Robarts for more information.

Here are also some items you might not think about needing to add to your emergency kits: extra medicine, maps, cash/checks, toilet paper, extra phone charger, wipes, can opener, and garbage bags.

Extreme Crawlspace Mold

8/22/2019 (Permalink)

Humidity is one of the easiest ways for mold to start developing, and in Kentucky, we have experienced plenty of it this summer. SERVPRO of Butler, Hopkins, Ohio, Muhlenberg and Edmonson Counties are receiving calls daily about different discoloration that people are finding in their homes or businesses. While not every spot is going to be mold, there are many different types that you could be experiencing.

This photo is of the back of a very tight crawlspace which was around 30 feet deep. Around the front of the crawlspace, the homeowner could see some slight discoloration, and decided to give us a call. They thought that what they found was no big deal and wanted to take care of the problem early. Once our crew started remediating, that is when we found this corner and all the damage it had caused.

While it might not be fun exploring under your home, it is necessary to do regularly to prevent this type of damage. If you do suspect mold growth, call the professionals at 270-875-4883 to come take a look!

#TipTuesday - Your Broom

8/20/2019 (Permalink)

Today's #TipTuesday concerns an item that touches each room in your home: the broom. 

This item is rarely replaced, and is often overlooked when cleaning the home, but it is important to give it a good soak every so often. When your broom has been contaminated, it can spread those germs all over your home, which is the opposite of what you are trying to do when sweeping. 

If you have a plastic bristled broom, the easiest way to clean it is to fill a bucket with water, bleach and dish soap. Soak for 10-15 minutes, then rinse really well. You then want to let it fully dry before using it again. 

Not only does this cut down on germs, this can also make your broom last longer. Take the time to do this quick task, today!

Watch vs. Warning

8/13/2019 (Permalink)

Do you know what the difference between a storm “warning” and a “watch” is? Many people do not know this difference, and now that we are in the middle of Hurricane Season, it is an important time to learn.

Even though Kentucky is not a coastal state, we still experience backlash from hurricanes in the form of thunder storms and heavy rain. This backlash is often warned against by either “Storm Warnings” or “Storm Watches”. While they are both a warning, they mean two different things:


A storm has/is currently developing in your immediate area. Take cover, get inside, get prepared.


A storm has popped up close to your area, and it is likely that your area will experience a storm also. Be careful and watch out.

While a “Storm Watch” is a little less intimidating then a “Storm Warning”, they both need to be taken seriously. Learn more at:

#TipTuesday - Lint Rollers

8/13/2019 (Permalink)

Today's hack includes a different way how to use a lint roller, other than on your clothing. 

Have you ever noticed how quickly it seems like lamp shades collect dust? You are not the only one to think that, and be frustrated at how hard they are to clean with all the different types of material used to make them being different. 

Next time you notice dust, try using a lint roller to pick up all the loose dirt. Around the edges, you can also use a rolled up piece of tape to grab the last little bits. This will do no damage to the fabric! 


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Q: Where does over 50% of home fires start?

8/12/2019 (Permalink)

A: the kitchen. 

Each year, 50% of homes that suffer from fires are found to start in the kitchen. Of those fires, 63% of them are started on the stove top. While these are all accidents, they cause significant damage to homes, and can cause injuries or even death.

Here are several things to do in your own home to help lower this number: avoid burning food, check cords for fraying, do not put metal into the microwave, purchase a fire extinguisher, never let children or pets be alone in the kitchen, clean spills, throw away trash, clean our the toasters crumbs, do not wear loose clothing while cooking and pull back long hair.

The last tip is the biggest, make sure to never leave appliances on while leaving the room. While you might only be in the other room for a few minutes, fires can escalate quickly and cause thousands of dollars of damage.

Commercial Warehouse

8/8/2019 (Permalink)

Above is some items that have been wrapped, and are waiting to be packed into a pod. You can also see the pods in the background!

SERVPRO of Butler, Hopkins, Ohio, Muhlenberg and Edmonson Counties is equipped to take on any of your job needs, including storing contents. With our industrial warehouse, we have the equipment and space to handle your items. When a home or business loss happens, a lot of the time they need their items cleaned, and then stored until their building is repaired. While repairs are done as quickly as possible, there is typically lag time between when the items have finished the cleaning process and when they are ready to be delivered back. To ensure that your items are well taken care of, not mixed up with another clients, and stays in great condition, we wrap these items and place them in pods in our warehouse with codes for each job. This dramatically decreases the chances of human error and helps make the business owners and families we work have peace of mind no matter how long their items stay in our possession.

Constantly improving our processes is how we make sure each of our customers are well taken care of and are put first.