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How important is it to keep your doors closed at night?

2/15/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage How important is it to keep your doors closed at night? Above photos were posted by the Cold Spring Harbor Fire Department

Sometimes it is hard to convince parents or children to keep their bedroom doors closed at night. This creates fear that you cannot hear one another, and as a parent you want to be able to hear if something is going wrong with your child. On the flipside, most children want to be able to get to their parents as quickly as possible if they need anything.

But when you look at these two photos, it creates awareness about another fear: house fires.

When a house fire happens, the flames spread quickly. When we are sleeping, we are less likely to realize what is going on if our fire alarms malfunction.

A fire department in New York recently posted photos of a door that was closed during the fire and one that was open. The difference was astonishing. The fire was almost completely stopped by the closed door, vs. the door that was open was completely burned.

February Theme of the Month, 2019

2/14/2019 (Permalink)

February Theme of the Month, 2019

This month, SERVPRO of Butler, Hopkins, Ohio, Muhlenberg and Edmonson Counties wants to stress how important it is to be proactive and winterize your properties. With February being one of the coldest months of the year, we see a lot of frozen pipes happen. Being proactive is the best way to avoid this being your home or business!

Our marketing representatives are busy handing our hand warmers to their contacts this month, to remind them to always be proactive when it comes to cold weather. While you might not think about having hand warmers on hand, you would appreciate having one when you needed it.

We also want to stress to contacts that during the month of love, we want to make sure to keep things warm between us!


1/31/2019 (Permalink)

Throughout December of 2018, the weather stayed mild. We saw some snow flurries, but that was about it. Until the end of January, we thought we were going to have a pretty mild winter altogether. The last week of January, a Polar Vortex has hit the United States with temperatures going into the negatives, and wind chill being even colder than that. All over the country, schools, universities, and businesses are shutting down to prevent people from having to get out in the cold.

Being a 24/7/365 business, SERVPRO of Butler, Hopkins, Ohio, Muhlenberg and Edmonson Counties has not shut down. With the risk of many home and business owners’ pipes freezing and busting, we are ready to assist at a moments notice.  

Busted and frozen pipes are no joke, and at SERVPRO we take them very seriously. As soon as you notice any water leaking from your pipes, give us a call for a free estimate. The quicker we are onsite, the more time we have to prevent further damage to your home or business.

Space Heater Safety 101

1/24/2019 (Permalink)

This time of year, many people use space heaters to heat their home or office. While these compact heaters are handy to have, they are also the cause of many fires around the county. This can easily be avoided though by being proactive and using caution.

One of the main ways they produce fires is if they are placed too closely to flammable objects. These include furniture, bedding, mattresses and clothing.

Here are some ways to avoid a fire this winter season:

  1. Make sure nothing is close around them
  2. NEVER use your oven or stove as a heater
  3. Keep heaters away from children or pets
  4. They should never be left unattended, or used overnight
  5. Check and see if your heater has a “shut off” setting when tipped over
  6. Make sure they are sitting on a level, hard surface
  7. Do not use them in high traffic areas where they might get in the way
  8. Check you smoke alarm batteries every 6 months, just in case something happens
  9. Create a fire escape route with your family and plan a place to meet afterward
  10. Inspect your heater for any signs on wear and tear on the cord. This can cause sparks when it is on

January Theme of the Month, 2019

1/21/2019 (Permalink)

It is finally the 1st of the year! With the busy Holiday Season behind us, we look forward to serving the needs of all our communities we are a part of. Each month, we have a different theme, and January’s theme is us being FIRST!

  • We want to be the FIRST person you use his year for any of your mitigation or rebuild needs.
  • Your FIRST call when a client has any type of loss.
  • The FIRST eyes and ears on site of any claim.

To remind our contacts that we want to be FIRST when dealing with any type of loss or cleaning, we are giving away these bright green SERVPRO ice scrapers this month.

Why an ice scraper? This is an item that you might not always have a need for, but are always grateful to have in that time of need. This is the same concept with SERVPRO, everyone is thankful for us in their time of need.

"Green" Cleaning, the SERVPRO Way!

1/17/2019 (Permalink)

After a home has been vacant for awhile, or just needs an overall deep clean, who would you trust to come into your home? Of course, you would want a company you can trust to be honest, reliable and to do a good job. But don’t you want someone who is going to use products that are safe around your family and pets, and to the Earth? That is where SERVPRO of Butler, Hopkins, Ohio, Muhlenberg and Edmonson Counties comes in. We are “Green”, literally and figuratively. We only use products that are certified “Green” and that are safe to be around. Read on to find out some more information about the benefits of hiring a cleaner who focuses on being planet-friendly:

Safer for your Family and Pets

Most cleaning products have different chemicals in them that trigger certain illnesses and can cause flareups to your allergies and asthma. Removing as many of these products as possible can drastically cut down on the chances of them bothering you.

“Green” products are better for your bodies

After removing products that contain different toxins, pollutants and other suspected carcinogens, we are down to all natural (or “Green”) products. These products are not hard on our systems and can be used regularly throughout your cleaning routine.

We provide the proven “Green” products

To ensure that each product we bring into your home is safe to be around you, your family and out staff, we only use the products that SERVPRO Cooperate has approved. We can also provide sheets about each product while on site, so you know exactly what is entering your home or business.

SERVPRO is committed to helping save the environment, in all aspects

Whether we are doing a small cleaning job, or demoing an entire home, our goal is to save as many of the previous materials as possible. We try to cut down the waste we are putting into our environment as much as we can by using sustainable business practices.

Safer for employees

We care about our employee’s safety. When you are using these products day in and day out, you must make sure they are safe to be around. We do not want to put their lives at risk by using any of the products provided.

When you are in need of emergency services or any type of cleaning, don’t forget to THINK GREEN and call SERVPRO! #LikeItNeverEvenHappened

How can SERVPRO benefit my business for FREE?

1/15/2019 (Permalink)

Emergency Ready Profile

When you are a business owner or manager, there will always be hiccups along the way. While there will be slow times of the year, and there might also be times when an accident happens, or a disaster occurs. When these things happen, don’t you want to be as prepared as possible, so you can quickly get back on your feet?

SERVPRO of Butler, Hopkins, Ohio, Muhlenberg and Edmonson Counties wants to help you do just that. We offer a FREE SERVICE to business owners, that will only cost them their time. One of our trained professionals will come to your business, and help you gather your most needed information, then compile it into an Emergency Ready Profile. When a disaster strikes, this folder will have all your information ready at your fingertips.

Contact Marketing Representative, Van Robarts, at 270-670-5118 to schedule your appointment today!

#TipTuesday - Cleaning Kitchen Sponges

1/14/2019 (Permalink)

This week’s #TipTuesday is focused on the kitchen:

When you are washing dishes or your counters off, have you ever thought about what is on the sponges you are using? Unless you are replacing them regularly, you need to make sure you are sanitizing them. With them being in a moist environment, it is very easy for them to grow mold and bacteria very quickly.

Simply take the sponge, soak it in water, then microwave on high for two minutes. After the microwave goes off, be careful and let them cool off before touching. You can also add in some lemon juice for added cleaning.


SERVPRO of Butler, Hopkins, Ohio, Muhlenberg and Edmonson Counties is not only your local restoration company, but also your local cleaning company. If you have any questions about our services, contact us at 270-875-4883!  

Ways to Avoid a Burst Pipes & a Water loss

1/11/2019 (Permalink)

The Weather Channel and SERVPRO Corporate have partnered together this winter season to help inform home and business owners of ways they can avoid their pipelines from bursting or freezing. You can visit the SERVPRO Industries Facebook page to watch the report:

The tips that are mentioned are listed below. 

Preventative measures, before cold weather hits:

  1. Putting your garden hose away for the winter and putting on a faucet cover
  2. Attach insulated pipe sleeves in your crawlspace or exterior
  3. Add insulation to the attic

When the temperature drops below freezing:   

  1. Open up the kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors to help the air circulate around your plumbing
  2. Drip your faucets
  3. Use a fan to move air into colder rooms in the home.

Being informed and taking preventative measures can help you avoid an out of pocket expense, or a claim on your home insurance. 

Christmas Party 2018

1/11/2019 (Permalink)

Every December our owner, David Elkins, holds a party for all the employees to not only celebrate the Christmas season, but also celebrate the year and what all we have accomplished throughout. We have three departments within our franchise, and this is a great time for all the employees to get to know each other without being in a work setting.

We always start the night with prayer and dinner being served, then teambuilding games, and closed with discussion about how the year has gone.

Every company depends on its employees to make things go smoothly. This is why we strive to have the most well trained, highest quality employees around. It also depends on how well our employees get along, and their attitudes about their jobs. This is why it is important for us to get together as a team several times a year and get to know each other. We also want our employees to know how much we appreciate them, and how proud we are of the effort they put into their jobs each day.