What our Customers say...

Water Damage Testimonials

Very prompt after initial contact, and on time to the job. Very professional! 

Thanks for the Lunch and Learn. We are now aware of the additional services you provide and can pass along to our clients. 

Handwritten letter received by SERVPRO of Butler, Hopkins, Ohio, Muhlenberg and Edmonson Counties   "SERVPRO,  I can't thank you enough for helping me out. Every single person I talked to during this chaotic time provided excellent customer service. You were wonderful. Please tell everyone that helped out that I truly appreciate their efforts. A special thank you to Chris. I was so very stressed the night my water heater flooded by house. He was very calming and patient. I'm sorry I text him so late at night, but he promptly responded. I will definitely recommend to anyone that will listen. Thanks again, Kathy F." 

My wife and I came back to our lake house last spring to find a real mess. The water supply line to an upstairs bathroom burst ruining the wood floors on that level, saturating the sub floor, and causing a release of drywall, water damage and flooding in the lower level. I called SERVPRO at the recommendation of my insurance agent. They drove to the remote location in Edmonson County and immediately had dryers going. They contracted with a drywall company, helped my wife select and have carpeting installed. I cannot say enough about how quickly SERVPRO responded. If you have an emergency call SERVPRO. 

Had a water line bust under the kitchen sink while gone on vacation last week. SERVPRO to the rescue! 

These guys showed up and showed out getting our house dried and removing all that was damaged. 

I would highly recommend this group for any type of damage that you may encounter. GREAT WORK GUYS! 

We came home on a Saturday night to our lake house and our basement was completely flooded in about 3 inches of water. Flip flops floating over my carpets! We both vacuumed til about 3 am, not floating but still splashing. Called SERVPRO the next morning and they were there within 2 hours. Very nice and professional. They really tried to reassure me that it was no problem they would take care of it and they did. We were in over our heads, but they took over and really did a great job! Highly recommend.

SERVPRO was very helpful. Your people made a difficult situation much easier to handle. Thank you.

Very happy with everything Rick and his crew provided from the very first call in about my water damage...highly recommended

This team was very good to accommodate our schedule to come back and check the drying process. They where very helpful with additional boxes and bags to help with our cleanup process.  They did a very good job of cleaning everything up they could before leaving. 

"Very polite and courteous, would truly recommend"

Pipe burst and caused water damage.  "looks great!"

SERVPRO Office staff was attentive to my concerns and earned a perfect score!

"The did a GREAT job!" On a scale of 1-10, recommend a 10 to family and friends.

Many thanks to SERVPRO for the rapid response and efficient service on the day my basement flooded. They were here within one hour of my call, quickly assessed the situation and made calls with precise instructions for the help I needed. Over the next few days, many friendly and professional SERVPRO employees were here to give me the assistance I needed. I give special thanks to David, Maegan, Larry and Drew! I could not have been more pleased with their service.