Recent Why SERVPRO Before & After Photos

Before & After - Living Room

After our Mitigation Department finished cleaning up after a large water loss, it was time for the home to be repaired. The home owner decided to trust their ho... READ MORE

Truck Detailing After Fire Extinguisher Mishap

This brand new,four door truck was brought to us after a fire extinguisher went off in the backseat. The owner did not know how to clean it up, so he called the... READ MORE

Piano Restoration

This piano was brought to us covered in soot after a fire. We were able to restore it to its previous condition, and return it to it's happy owners! When we go ... READ MORE

Stuffed Animal

After losing everything in a fire, all families want is comfort that everything is going to be all right. This stuffed animal was exposed to a fire and deemed u... READ MORE

Motocross Equipment

When a disaster strikes your home or business, you do not realize what all is damaged in the process until afterwards. Even if something is not touched by the f... READ MORE

Mold Infesting Ceiling

This family discovered extensive microbial growth in their home, that went undetected. Believe it or not, mold problems like this can be mitigated with the righ... READ MORE

Local Church suffers Water Damage

Unexpectedly a faulty toilet overflowed and caused major damage in a local Church in Glasgow, Ky. Water started on the main floor and made its way through the f... READ MORE